Yellow Colour Energy / Solar Plexus Chakra Scarf

Silk Concepts


Yellow is associated with a good sense of humour, clear thinking, being knowledgable, conscientious, optimistic, practical, and fun-loving. Wearing this colour stimulates clarity of thought, harmony, and balance. This scarf design is also connected with the solar plexus chakra, which controls passion, power, fortitude, and energy.

This line of scarves feature a mixture of modern and ancient imagery, and are created based on the study of how colour affects one's mood, energy, and feelings. They are also associated with energy centres called chakras, very important in alternative healing and yoga practices.

8" x 54" OR 31" x 31" on medium weight crepe silk. 100% silk with hand-rolled hem.

Each scarf is individually hand-painted, resulting in variations of colour and pattern. Because of this process, no two scarves are the same and each is a unique piece of wearable art! Custom colours available upon request (surcharge may apply).

Care Instructions:
Hand wash in luke warm water using hair shampoo. Rinse thoroughly, gently squeeze out excess moisture. Press dry from back side at medium temperature using a press cloth. Do not soak. Dry cleanable.


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