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Silk-Satin Poncho Coverup | 25" Depth



This elegant, silk poncho can be worn a number of different ways. It is commonly worn with a dress to cover up the shoulders and tummy. A great alternative to a cardigan, it makes a popular choice as a unique and elegant coverup for weddings and parties. Also looks great with a plain top and pants. The colour is painted on to the fabric with paintbrushes and liquid dyes, and the flowing colours are highlighted by the etched satin pattern. This lovely, silk poncho drapes beautifully and is a flattering option for the sophisticated wardrobe.


Colour Options:

Every year, we research the trending fashion colours to create combinations for the season's styles.

  • Cranberry: a bold palette of bright red with ocean blue, purple, and burnished gold
  • Smoke: grey, black, and cream with subtle rosy notes
  • Embers: a dramatic combination of rust orange, grey, and yellow with hints of kale green
  • Midnight: rich navy with silver, olive green, and soft mint
  • Marble: black, white, and hints of pink - great for a classic wardrobe
  • Cerulean: turquoise, royal blue, sky blue - perfect for blue lovers
  • Coral: coral pink with orange, taupe and blush - fun, bright, feminine
  • Meadow: purple, green, gold, and beige - soft and earthy
  • Custom colours available on request (surcharge may apply). Send us a message to inquire with the colours you are looking for!

      Ways to Wear

      • Wear it centred or off to the side
      • Cover both shoulders or just one
      • Tie the loose corners together to create a "blouson" look
      • Add a belt
      • Fold it in half and loop the ends through the neck hole to create a scarf

      Care Instructions:

      1. Dry clean, OR
      2. Hand wash in warm water using hair shampoo
        • Do not soak
        • Rinse well and gently squeeze out excess water
        • Iron dry immediately at medium temperature from reverse side

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