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Inuksuk II Print | 11"x14"

$39.00 CAD

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Another very popular design, this hand-painted scene features a majestic inuksuk overlooking cold, Arctic waters. Icy blues and turquoise are offset in this series with rich, warm browns and oranges.

    The image is a fine reproduction of a hand-painted silk original, printed on acid-free paper. Comes with a solid-coloured 11" x 14" double mat with a 6" x 9" opening

    Mat Colour Options:

    • Royal Blue
    • Teal
    • Medium Grey
    • Heathered White
    • Heathered Cream

      Other northern images available in magnets, 5" x 7" art cards, 11" x 14" prints, coasters, and scarves.

        Mat Colour
        Royal Blue
        Medium Grey
        Heathered Cream
        Heathered White