Ombre Scarf | 12"x80"

Silk Concepts

Dark Opal
A gorgeous blending of colours on a crepe de chine scarf!  The hand-painted colours step gently from dark to light, with hints of striping throughout the scarf.  Hand painted using paintbrushes and liquid, fibre-reactive dyes. The generous length makes the colour graduation an interesting feature. 


  • Measures approximately 12.5" x 80"
  • 100% silk

Colour Combinations:

Every year, we research the trending fashion colours to create stylish colour combinations to match your wardrobe.

  • Marble: a classic white and black combo with soft pink
  • Amethyst: light and dark purple tones, turquoise and hints of grey
  • Moonstone: dusty lavender, pale blue, cream, and grey-purple
  • Dark Opal: light and dark teal, blush pink with beige highlights
  • Custom colours available on request (surcharge may apply). Send us a message to inquire with the colours you are looking for!

Ways to wear:

  • Cover your shoulders to wear like a shawl
  • Use a scarf pin or scarf ring to add detail
  • Make a loop around your neck with the two ends draped in front
  • Tie an overhand knot somewhere on the scarf to add interest before draping
  • Use a men's tie knot
  • Tie the two ends in a loose, half square knot
  • Fold in half lengthwise and pull both ends through the loop created by the fold. You can also weave the ends over and under to create a "criss-cross" knot

Care instructions:

  1. Hand wash in warm water using hair shampoo
  2. Rinse well and gently squeeze out excess water
  3. Iron dry immediately at medium temperature

Do not soak. Dry cleanable.

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