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Skinny Fringed Scarf | 3.5"x84"


Winter Morning
Mulled Wine
Boreal Forest
Long and narrow, this stylish tasseled scarf has luxurious attitude!  The blending colours reflect a lovely, eye-catching sheen on the satin pattern. The luxurious silk brings colour and sophistication to your outfit. Hand painted using paintbrushes and liquid, fibre-reactive dyes. The fringed scarf adds a distinctive sophistication with a touch of sass.


  • New size: 3.5" x 84"
  • All-natural fibres: 55% silk / 45% rayon

Colour Combinations:

Every year, we research the trending fashion colours to create stylish colour combinations to match your wardrobe.

  • Winter Morning: medium blue with dusty pink, grey, and a touch of brown
  • Smoke: grey tones ranging from silver, to beige, dusty rose, and black
  • Mulled Wine: rich burgundy with notes of chocolate, gold, and green
  • Boreal Forest: forest green and rich brown with hints of blue and beige
  • Custom colours available on request (surcharge may apply). Send us a message to inquire with the colours you are looking for!

Ways to wear:

  • Keep it simple! Drape around your neck, leaving it hang long like a collar
  • Tie a loose knot
  • Loop once around your neck, leaving both ends draping in front
  • Throw the tassel ends over your shoulders to your back
  • Wear it bohemian-style like a headband, tied by the ear or at the back

Care instructions:

  1. Hand wash in warm water using hair shampoo
  2. Rinse well and gently squeeze out excess water
  3. Iron dry immediately at medium temperature from reverse side

Do not soak. Dry cleanable.

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